Incredibly, so long as you follow the instructions and work cleanly.

Not really. The sooner you get them going, the better the results will be. If you need to, you can store them in the fridge for up to three weeks. Doing so increases the likelihood of contamination, so avoid it if you can.

From setup to harvest, about 4–6 weeks, though it depends.

It depends on what you want. Some offer better yields, some are more resilient, and some are stronger. If you’re new to it, try B+ or Golden Teacher; these are renowned for being the most forgiving to grow.

Mushroom grow kits are prone to infections and bacteria. The manufacturers of the grow kits indicate that if a grow kit does not show any magic mushrooms 1 month after setting it up, it can no longer be saved. It is important to set up the grow kit within 2 days after arrival and report to us if the grow kit does not function properly within the first 4 weeks after delivery.
If the grow kit does not work, it can qualify for the warranty from the manufacturer and we can initiate the reimbursement process. This can easily be done, by sending an email with a photo of the set-up / grow kit to our customer service  together with a clear explanation of what you have done up to the day of the complaint.
After receiving your email, we will start the reimbursement process, and you will receive a clear answer from us with any instructions that you can use to save the grow kit. If it turns out that after our tips and tricks the grow kit can no longer be saved, we will reimburse the grow kit with a voucher that can be spent on the website. 
Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse a grow kit if:


1: Cancel
Orders that have not been paid , you don’t have to cancel. Do you want to cancel an order that you already have paid, take it as soon as possible contact customer service . The cancellation of an order is, as long as this has not yet been sent free of charge. 
2: Damaged
We always do our best to ensure that the quality of our products are kept preserved by packing in a safe and a protected way for transport. Nevertheless, should it happen that a package is broken or damaged, please send within 7 days an e-mail to the customer service  Please include a clear picture that shows the damage.
3: Cooling-off period
If you are not satisfied with one or more of our products than you can, without giving any reason, return it to us. That can be up to 14 days after receipt of your order. If you want to return your products during the cooling-off period, please contact us immediately .
4: Warranty
If the product which you will receive during the period of the guarantee is found to be defective due to a cause beyond your own fault, then you can return the product to us. We will then attempt to repair it for you, or if that is not possible, replace or offer it to the vendor/factory.
We will not refund your money if the product/products are within the valid warranty policy.