Quiver Tree | Aloe Dichotoma 10 inche pot



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Quiver Tree Aloe Dichotoma 10 inche pot this plant is available in a 3.5″ pot. You will obtain a completely comparable plant to the only within side the picture. The plant is send in its pot to save you any harm to the roots.

Quiver Tree is the not unusual place call given to Aloe dichotomy. This summer season dormant plant is a local of Southern Africa, Namibia, and belongs to the Asphodelaceae family. This quick and rounded succulent can develop approximately 10 meters.

Growth RateĀ 

The quiver tree increase charge gradual, however as soon as established, it’s far a long-lived plant and remains content material in its function for years. It can boom its peak via way of means of 10-20 cm each year.


The vibrant yellow quiver tree plant life emerge in mid-winter. While quick and rounded, they’re showy and attractive.

Watering and Feeding

The secret is to each water and feed the quiver tree Aloe dichotomy within side the proper seasons. For watering, water weekly in summer season and as soon as a month or by no means in winter. For a great food plan in summer season, use a slow-launch fertilizer.


Choose a soil with a medium or barely acidic pH level. Soil have to be of pinnacle quality. It has to be loamy with masses of drainage chips at the lowest of the container. The right aloe dichotomy care will cause its awesome growth.


Moving it too abruptly from color to solar can cause it withering off or scorching.


Plant seeds in autumn in trays of coarse river sand for propagation purposes.

The hole branches of Aloe dichotomy have been use as quivers for arrows in historical times. Its roots had been examine to deal with bronchial allergies and tuberculosis.

Quiver Tree | Aloe Dichotoma 10 inche pot


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