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Crested Cactus Variety Pack you could acquire one of a kind kinds of Cactus decide on from our complete Cactus series within side the corresponding size. The range of various sorts is indicate with the aid of using the percent size.

Some to be had sorts are proven within side the pictures as examples. The contemporary availability and the chosen sorts could vary. We can not accommodate requests of approximately sure unique sorts. Succulents are taken into consideration one of the maximum hardy vegetation in gardening.

They are drought-tolerant and feature several approaches of reproducing.

Shipping & Handling

  • Assort 2-inch flowers are ship with pots and soil
  • Assort four inch and large flowers are ship naked roots without the pot and soil
  • We decide to transport naked roots, which calls for extra time and labor, and offer super high-satisfactory and carrier to our customers – see Benefits of Shipping Bare Roots
  • Ship inside the USA & its outlying territories only
  • Please go to Order Processing & Shipping information web page for extra details

Care Instructions

Please go to our Succulent Care information web page for extra details. To make sure the fitness of succulents, it’s miles critical to plant them in porous, well-draining soil.

Succulents require little watering, however do not like to take a seat down in moist soil. To create an ok cactus mix, certainly upload pumice, per lite, or grit to cactus soil to offer the right drainage. Make certain to go away drought intervals among watering to save you the plant from water-logging.

Weather Conditions

When ordering, bear in mind that residing succulents can freeze. If you stay in a place this is under forty stages Fahrenheit, please remember shopping plant till the climate is extra suitable.

Crested Cactus Variety Pack

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