San Pedro Cactus Extra Small Echinopsis pachanoi



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San Pedro Cactus Extra Small Echinopsis pachanoi an absolutely essential part of any cactus garden or landscape! This robust plant is easy to maintain, propagate and grow in your home or garden.

Sold per piece, Bare Root without any soil or pot. Discoloration on the bottom of the cactus is normal from being plant in soil.

This cactus is considerer the PC (Predominant Cultivar) variety of San Pedro Cactus. This means it’s the most common type of San Pedro Cactus.

Sizes are approximate:

  • Extra Small 4-8 inches
  • Small – 8-12 inches
  • Medium – 12-18 inches
  • Large – 18-30 inches
  • Large Branching – 18-30 inches

Fast-growing, Trichocereus pachanoi (San Pedro Cactus) is a large, multi-stemmer columnar cactus forming a small tree embellished with numerous branches. Up to six in. wide (15 cm), every columnar stem is fade inexperience to blue-inexperience whilst young, converting to darkest inexperience with age.

They function 4-eight round ribs with white areoles and few spines. In summer, very large, fragrant, trumpet-shape, white flowers, eight in. across (20 cm), bloom at nighttime and continue to be open for the subsequent day. They are constitute of the backbone clusters alongside the margins close to the pinnacle of the branches.

Easy to grow, San Pedro Cactus domestic dogs from the base, and is pronounce to be cold-hardy right all the way down to 10 °F (-12 °C) for quick periods. Adding long-lasting splendor to the landscape, this beautiful columnar cactus is plant international in tropical weather gardens.

  • Great for wasteland gardens, rock gardens, succulent gardens or Mediterranean gardens.
  • Dear resistant.
  • Propagate through seed or stem cuttings.
  • Virtually pest and sickness free.
  • Susceptible to fungal sicknesses if over-water.
  • Native to Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and northerly Argentina


San Pedro Cactus Extra Small Echinopsis pachanoi

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