Medusa’s Head Cactus Euphorbia Flanaganii



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Medusa’s Head Cactus Euphorbia Flanaganii  is a small succulent with a swollen underground stem and cylindrical, snake-like branches that develop flat at the ground.

The branches unfold as much as sixteen inches (forty cm) in diameter. Leaves are as much as 0.four inches (1 cm) lengthy, with a linear to acute shape. Clusters of yellow Cynthia seem in summer, generally within side the plant’s important element at the apex of the stem.

Unlike maximum succulents, Medusa’s Head does now no longer manage lengthy durations of drought well. It might also additionally want weekly watering all through the summer. Water on every occasion the soil is dry, numerous inches under the surface.

It warns of a loss of water through regularly curling up its fingers closer to the center. Water deeply, however do not allow them to take a seat down in moist soil, that can motive root rot. It flourishes below direct solar and desires at the least 6 hours of direct solar in line with day for respectable fitness and boom.

On brighter subjects, Medusa’s Head makes a terrific box plant, and it may additionally be positioned into gardens as long as its miles included from freezes. Once it reaches a positive size, a mom plant will produce doggies on older fingers’ ends.

The boom begins off evolved as a swelling on the cease of an arm and unexpectedly grows its cause and fingers. After a time, in the event that they do not root on their own, the arm shrivels and permits the doggie to roll away, wherein it unexpectedly grows if given get admission to soil and water. If you are now no longer careful, you could come to be with an entire greenhouse complete of them.

Medusa’s Head Cactus Euphorbia Flanaganii


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