San Pedro Cactus Large Branching Echinopsis pachanoi



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San Pedro Cactus Large Branching Echinopsis pachanoi an absolutely essential part of any cactus garden or landscape. This robust plant is easy to maintain, propagate and grow in your home or garden.

Sold per piece, Bare Root without any soil or pot. Discoloration on the bottom of the cactus is normal from being planted in soil.

This cactus is considered the PC (Predominant Cultivar) variety of San Pedro Cactus. This means it’s the most common type of San Pedro Cactus.

Sizes are approximate:

  • Extra Small 4-8 inches
  • Small – 8-12 inches
  • Medium – 12-18 inches
  • Large – 18-30 inches
  • Large Branching – 18-30 inches

Water often whilst in growth. Make positive you allow the soil dry out among watering. No water have to ever be allowed to face across the roots. Keep the plant dry in winter. Fertilize month-to-month with a balanced fertilizer all through the developing season.

Drought tolerant. Great for wasteland gardens, rock gardens, succulent gardens or Mediterranean gardens. Dear resistant. Propagate through seed or stem cuttings. Virtually pest and sickness free. Susceptible to fungal sicknesses if over-watered. Native to Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and northerly Argentina

Ribs are the sticking out rows that run vertically from the crown to the bottom of the plant. Spines and flora constantly develop at the brink of the ribs. Cactus ribs assist to preserve the plant cool through growing shade troughs/wallet among them, and growing the floor vicinity to expend heat.

Areoles are small, spherical bumps which could both be mild or darkest which develop centrally down the ribs. Spines develop in clusters from the areoles. Flowers additionally bloom from the areoles.

Spines are pretty self-explanatory, they’re the pointy needles that develop from the areoles.


San Pedro Cactus Large Branching Echinopsis pachanoi


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