Mexican Fence Post Stenocereus Marginatus


Mexican Fence Post | Stenocereus Marginatus | 8 inch pot size


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Mexican Fence Post Stenocereus Marginatus this fast-developing cactus makes a strong, vertical announcement anyplace it is living and is mostly a focal factor of the landscape.

Its long, low-branching canes develop immediately and upright to twelve toes tall, on occasion even taller in frost-unfasten areas. Each cane has 5-7 ribs that function a tidy row of small spines alongside a white “stripe” that deliver this large succulent a sleek, architectural appearance.

Small reddish or crimson plants seem among the rows of spines in springtime.

Propagation of Mexican fence post is spotless through cuttings or seeds, and despite the fact that it’s a pinnacle desire for xeric gardens, it tolerates mild watering if wonderful drainage is provide.

This good-looking cactus has tall, columnar trunks and reaches heights of twenty feet, or more. It produces clusters of stout, cylindrical stems that resemble a pipe organ. The plant develops many palms all through its lifetime and grows faster with supplemental irrigation. It is deep, inexperience with ribs which have minor spines. Its principal backbone is yellowish, and the easy stems have 5 to seven ribs.

In spring, the cactus produces tubular, pinkish-purple plants which are very showy.

Maintenance Plant the Mexican fence post in well-draining soil and complete solar with meditated warmness or partial shade. It is drought-resistant, however likes occasional water at some point of the hot, dry months.

Let the soil absolutely dry out among irrigation. It is hardy to approximately twenty-5 tiers Fahrenheit. Protect the hints of the plant whilst temperatures dip underneath the low twenties, via way of means of putting Styrofoam cups at the hints of the cactus

Mexican Fence Post Stenocereus Marginatus


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