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Mondo Grow Kit Cambodian Mushrooms

The Cambodian mushroom is another wonderful discovery by author and ethnomycologist John W. Allen. This exceptional mushroom strain grows in cattle dung and was discovered in Siem Reap around the mysterious Angkor Wat temple. The mystery of the temple is reflected in the subtle effects of these psilocybin Cambodian scens. Because of the subtle effects, these mushrooms are ideal for those who want to taste the magic of psilocybin for the first time.

The mycelium (fungal network), of the Cambodian mushroom, is the fastest growing fungal network of all mushrooms in nature. In the period of flowering the mycelium allows the fruits (mushrooms) to emerge and in the case of the Cambodian, these clusters of mushrooms are of enormous proportions. The Cambodian mushroom can also be cultivated very well on different substrates. This is the fastest growing magic mushroom grow kit and within weeks you can enjoy your first harvest of psilocybin magic mushrooms!

Effects of Mondo Grow Kit Cambodian Magic Mushrooms

The Cambodian Magic Mushroom Grow Kit from Mondo the perfect kit for those who are unknown in the field of mushroom use and cultivation. The effects of the Cambodian mushroom are perfectly balanced. Mediocre in visuals, creativity, philosophy and body high.

Growing information Mondo Grow Kit Cambodian

Growing difficulty: Easy
Substrate: Concentrated flour, WSC, PWS, fertilizer, various grains
Colonization time: 10 – 12 days
Colonization temperature: +30 degrees Celsius
Fruit temperature: +27 degrees Celsius

How many Cambodian Magic Mushrooms should you take?

On average you can assume the following amounts:

  • Microdosing: 0.2 grams of dried mushrooms | 2 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • Mild trip: 1 gram of dried mushrooms | 9 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • Normal trip: 2 grams of dried mushrooms | 21 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • Intense trip: 3.5 grams of dried mushrooms | 35 grams of fresh shrooms

Preparations when you are going to trip on Mondo Cambodian Shrooms

Do not start with psilocybin shrooms if you are in a bad mood or not feeling well, this could evoke a bad trip. A relaxed and relaxed setting is very important if you want to have a good night trip. Don’t trip to someone you don’t know very well. Always do this with people around you who you trust and preferably in a peaceful environment such as your own home. Tidy everything up, it is nice to trip in a clean environment without too much junk around you, prepare things that you want to use in your trip such as the music you want to listen to during the trip or the trip stoppers. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. After all, you don’t want to go all out looking for stuff, the tripping itself should be central.

The 9 step plan for Mondo Grow Kit Cambodian

With the step-by-step plan below you can maximize harvest. This way you have more mushrooms and you can enjoy a trip more often or with several friends. Before you start, you must first ensure a clean environment to prevent diseases under your mushrooms. This means that you thoroughly clean the surface on which you place the propagator, keep windows and doors closed so that bacteria in the air are spread as little as possible and that you thoroughly clean your arms and hands. Gloves and a face mask are also recommended.

  1. Fill the cultivation tray with water, then put the lid on and let it soak for 12 hours closed
  2. After 12 hours pour you remove the excess water from the grow box.
  3. Remove the lid from the grow kit. Rinse the lid and put it back in the cardboard box.
  4. Pour 150 ml. tap water into the grow bag  and place the grow kit in the grow bag. The open side of the bag should face up and spray the inside of the grow bag with a plant spray.
  5. Fold the open side of the grow bag in half twice; do not cover the micron filter. Place the paperclip over the fold and make sure that it remains closed.
  6. Now the Mondo Cambodian mushroom growkit is ready to grow mushrooms.
  7. Place the grow kit in a place out of the direct sunlight. Do not place the GrowKit under a lamp and not on or near a stove or heat source. The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 º C. “Leave the bag closed until the pre-pins begin to form” (this can take one or two weeks During this phase, the kit does not require oxygen, but a high CO2 content.
  8. “After the pre-pins have started to grow” Moisten the kit daily with a spray bottle (maximum 1-2 pumps ). In this phase the mushrooms need fresh H20 and O2 and the CO2 must escape. This is also important after harvesting.
  9. The first mushrooms will be visible in two weeks. Be patient, it may take longer for the first mushrooms to grow.

Try to keep the temperature at 24 degrees. In any case not lower than 18 degrees. We strongly recommend the use of a thermomat. Light plays an important role in the cultivation of magic mushrooms. Make sure there is no direct sunlight on the grow box, but that it gets a few hours of sunlight or artificial light per day. This is necessary for the mycelium to understand that they have reached the surface. Moisture is important for growing mushrooms, as is fresh air.

Do not spray directly on the grow kit! Spraying against the inside walls of the grow bag is therefore the best solution. You do this with 1 spray. After spraying, close the grow bag immediately with the paperclip. When the veil between the hat and the stem has just been torn, it is time to harvest the mushrooms. Don’t wait too long as soon as you see this. You pick a mushroom by turning it clockwise. Don’t pull it, you can damage the mycelium and you don’t want that for the next flush.

Getting multiple flushes from your growkit

With the Mondo Cambodian growkit can be grown and harvested on average 3 times. When harvesting the mushrooms, it is important that you turn gently and do not pull on the mushrooms. Damaging the mycelium can cause smaller flushes after picking the mushrooms.

Contents of your Mondo Cambodian Growkit

When you buy Cambodian Growkit, you will receive it with all the necessary materials. Upon receipt, we advise you to start growing magic mushrooms immediately. This benefits the quality. In your Mondo Cambodian Growkit you will find the following materials:

  • Grow box(1200cc)
  • Grow bag
  • Paperclip

The grow tray is filled with the substrate and active mycelium from which the mushrooms will grow. All you need to achieve a great mushroom harvest is a clean working environment, drinking water and a way to atomize the water.


Harvesting your Mondo Cambodian mushrooms

Count on a yield of around 300 to 600 grams of mushrooms if you stick to the step-by-step plan to grow mushrooms. The Mondo growkit is available in 1200cc and 2100cc. The beauty of the Mondo Cambodian mushroom growkit is? You can use it 3 times on average if you handle it correctly. The Cambodian mushrooms are easy to grow.

Storing your magic mushroom growkit

Since it is a fresh product, we advise you to set up your mushroom growkit immediately. This way you can achieve the best results and ensure a nice mushroom harvest. Still, you can keep the mushroom growkit after receipt. This is provided with an expiration date.

Mondo Grow Kit Cambodian


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