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Stenocereus Marginatus Cristata

Stenocereus marginatus Cristata Crested Mexican Fence Post Lophocereus marginatus’ Cristata’ is a slow-growing cactus factory from the Cactaceae family. It’s generally known by the name Crested Mexican Fencepost Cactus.

This unusual succulent produces characteristic undulating caricatures and can reach a fair size, given enough time.

This factory was preliminarily known by the names Marginatocereus marginatus’ Cristata’ and Pachycereus marginatus cristata. This rubric is generally grown outdoors as houseplants, they’re popular with collectors.


Cereus marginatus
Stenocereus marginatus
Pachycereus marginatus


marginatus is a rare cactus belonging to the Cactaceae botanical family. The stem is columnar and erect, and branches are at the base. The stem is arranged in 5- 7 caricatures and it’s dark green and with a rough texture. Areoles are white and draw as a nonstop line of confluence.

Backbones are short in the mature factory and long in youthful shops. Flowers are from pink to green and are 2 for each areola. The crested form generally grows in the shape of an addict and can branch at the base.


This is a slow-growing cactus, easy to cultivate.  The soil should be mix with pumice, complexion, and gault
to allow drainage and help the root spoilage, the factory is prone to it indeed. Flashback to use a boring pot to drain redundant water. Watering can be done regularly in Spring and Summer during the vegetative period you can water-soak the factory( every 7 days), checking that the soil is fully dry before soddening again; in downtime.

you should stop watering to allow the factory to enter dormancy. If you want brisk and lush growth you can fertilize the factory once a month during the growing season with the specific diseases for cacti; stop fertilizing throughout the downtime. If the pot starts to be too small for the factory you can report the factory in a pot 2 cm wider.

Repotting should be done beforehand in the growing season with fresh new replanting soil. Be careful of red spiders and lurid bugs.

Stenocereus Marginatus Cristata | Crested Mexican Fence Post


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